Generator Install & Maintenance

Virtually every business requires power to operate. If you encounter a power outage, how will your business function? Stop and think for a moment, about each piece of your business. Could you do without power or would you be losing business and precious customers?

Most outages are relatively short. What if the power was out for days…weeks?!?! It’s not un-thinkable!

We understand your needs. Whether it’s electricity to run your cash register, cool or heat your food, heat or air condition your business or any of a hundred other scenarios…you need electricity.

You know that power outages are inevitable. Why not prepare now by installing a generator for your business. They are less expensive than you think and will give you the peace of mind to know that while your neighbor’s business may be struggling in an outage, you’re conducting business as normal.

Call Kordsmeier Electric today @ 501-329-3673, and let us help you size a generator to run your business when those outages occur. When the time comes, you’ll be happy you planned ahead!