Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing a ceiling fan isn’t really complicated if you have a basic knowledge of electrical wiring. The job is much easier if you’re simply replacing an old light fixture and all the wiring is already present and in place. In this case, you would just need to purchase the ceiling fan with a light kit and replace the old fixture with the new fan & light.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan will improve the look of rooms in your home as well as creating a more energy efficient home.

In the winter when it’s cool in your home, a ceiling fan can help to circulate the warm air from the ceiling, and push it down to the floor.  This helps you stay warmer so your heating unit isn’t working as hard.

In the summer, your ceiling fan will help to move & circulate any stagnant air so you feel cooler, thus keeping your air conditioner from running so much.

No matter what season, it’s good to have ceiling fans in as many rooms as possible to keep air circulating.  You’ll stay much more comfortable and your heating and cooling bills will be reduced.

Installing a Ceiling Fan

When you buy a ceiling fan, it typically comes with everything you would need to install the fan.  The job is not too hard if you are replacing an existing light fixture.  This means there is power already in place and there “should” be an electrical box to make your electrical connections & to help support the fan.

But if you’re not a person who is handy with tools and if you don’t have some basic electrical knowledge, the task can be somewhat overwhelming.

Thanks to YouTube, you can watch detailed instructions and videos that will walk you through each step of ceiling fan installation.

If you feel that ceiling fan installation really isn’t your cup of tea, then it’s advisable to find a professional to install the fan.  Yes, your nephew might say he can install the fan for you, but do you really trust your home to him?  Let’s face it…if not installed properly, the electrical connections for that ceiling fan “could” be a fire hazard!

Thats where the professionals at Kordsmeier Electric can help you.  They’ve installed hundreds if not thousands of ceiling fans!  They install ceiling fans several times a week and they’ve seen it all!  New homes, old homes, remodeling…there isn’t a job they can’t handle.

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any room in your home.  The comfort and electricity savings realized from a fan installation are well worth the cost.  If your comfortable installing your own fan, thats great!  On the other hand, if you need help, please call the professionals at Kordsmeier Electric and let them give you a price quote.

I’m sure you’ll find that some times you’re better off just letting someone else do the work.  Yes…a do-it-yourselfer will probably save a few bucks but when you think about it…is it really worth it?

If you live in Conway, Vilonia, Greenbrier, Mayflower, Mt. Vernon or anywhere in Faulkner County or the central Arkansas area and need help with installing a ceiling fan, please contact Kordsmeier Electric at 501-329-3673 or use our contact form.