Electrical Safety Inspections

An electrical safety inspection is a great idea if you’re buying a used home, or if your home is “getting up there” in years.

Buying a home is a huge investment.  You probably have no idea what kind of “un-safe” changes the previous owner might have made to the electrical circuits in the home you’re about to buy.   You hired a “home inspector” but is he or she an electrician?  Do they know what problems to look for?  How thorough is their inspection?  You have a family and an investment to protect.  If there is any question about the home’s electrical, we suggest having one of our electricians come out and do a comprehensive electrical review & inspection.

Does that light in your living room flicker or go out occasionally and you can’t figure out why?  Do you trip a breaker when you turn your air conditioner on?  Many older homes start to have electrical problems as they age.  Most times it’s nothing serious, but you shouldn’t take a chance.  If you live in an older home and notice any electrical related issues, by all means you should have it checked out.  Schedule an electrical inspection with one of our licensed electricians.  Call 501-329-3673 today!